Can you spot the red flags?

Clients, associates, partners, employees, friends – every relationship is based on trust. If you see disturbing signs early, don’t ignore. You may be keen to nurture the relationship and you tend to ignore red flags. You rationalize these as one of incidents. A business associate who is rude to her employees, a friend who is rude to his spouse, a client who has just abused a vendor on the phone and is now talking to you about new business, an employee who breaks the signal when no one is watching – every little thing that disturbs you. These will come back to haunt you when the relationship matures. And believe me, these little things that annoy you will be the big issues you have in that relationship.

‘Its never too late to become what you were meant to be”

This film proves that point. I personally don’t believe that it is possible to undo evil things people do, even if they become organ donors. But this film had a job to do and it did that pretty well. Hilariously Absurd, but Effective!