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Cutting Edge

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Helping build 

phaco capacity


World over phacoemulsification is the preferred method for Cataract Surgery. India, despite having the largest volume of cataract surgeries, witnessed a much lesser proportion of phaco surgeries. 

While several practicing cataract surgeons are keen to learn Phacoemulsification surgery, the number of training centers are few and there is a long waiting time. Moreover the surgeons have to go to a place away from their practice for a long time and this is not acceptable to many doctors.

What we did:

  • User Research

  • UX Strategy and Design

  • Application Development

  • Testing and Deployment

  • Technical Support

Cutting Edge Case Study: Text

The Solution

Cutting Edge is an Online platform for Cataract Surgeons to learn Phaco Surgery basics Online, The platform has 2 modules - a 10 session expert led theory course, and a hands-on module at select centres consisting of intensive practical training. The platform also has a module for simulation licensed from Cataract Master ( Massachusetts Eye Hospital) that helps surgeons practice in close to real-life situations.

Cutting Edge engages doctors at various levels.

KOLs and Experts: They comprise the advisory and educational board. They define the curriculum, contribute to the content, and examine and certify candidates based on their proficiency. They also select centers where hands-on training can be provided.

Centers for hands-on Training: Senior practicing Phaco Surgeons now train surgeons at their center. The platform provides the screening of candidates, the curriculum, and the certification. This enables more centers to participate in training.

Learning Surgeons: An opportunity to upskill without a long absence from practice.

Cutting Edge Case Study: Text
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Cutting Edge Case Study: Image
Cutting Edge Case Study: Video
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