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Beautiful Mind

Abbott Psychiatry

Kiosk Case Study: Image

Engaging patients in the clinic


Patients and caregivers have to wait long hours in the psychiatrist clinic can this time be utilized effectively.

What we did:

  • User Research

  • UX Strategy and Design

  • Application Development

  • Testing and Deployment

  • Technical Support

Kiosk Case Study: Text

The Solution

Educating patients via digital kiosks installed in the doctor's clinic. The kiosk acts as the doctor’s spokesperson outside his clinic to reinforce the same messages and prepare them for the doctor's meeting. This Kiosk has a message from the psychiatrist explaining the cause of Beautiful mind, it educates the patients and caregivers through various engaging mediums like a quiz - myths and facts about depression; patient education videos - a short story on two friends; browsing disease-related articles, etc.

Kiosk Case Study: Text
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Kiosk Case Study: Image
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