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Know Your Cancer

Better counselling for better compliance


An oncologist is pressed for time and does not have ready models to explain various kinds of cancers. Plus, every visit may need different discussions based on the patient's stage of cancer, progression of the disease, and treatment combinations. Some Oncologists have to repeat the same instructions to different patients more than 20 times a day. The need was to optimize the oncologist's limited in-clinic time and effort by priming the patient with basic information about their condition and treatment options before entering the doctor's room.

What we did:

  • User Research

  • UX Strategy and Design

  • Application Development

  • Testing and Deployment

  • Technical Support

The Solution

KYC - Know Your Cancer - a digital application that can reside on the HCP's laptop or be hosted online. The doctor can navigate to any section - basics of cancer, various diagnostic tests including why the need for expensive marker tests, anatomy of various organs, and stages of cancer; treatment options - ranging from surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy to home care - a series of patient education brochures based on the cancer type that the doctor can print and put in the patient's file.

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