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Takeda: Haemophilia

Hemophilia Case Study: Image

Unifying advocacy measures to boost brand acceptance.


Takeda was doing a lot of work to improve the quality of life and access to medicines for people with Haemophilia - a debilitating Rare Disease. But, this was happening in an uncoordinated way resulting in poor awareness among HCPs about their efforts. They were looking to consolidate all their efforts and give it a uniform branding to optimise the brand value.

What we did:

  • Campaign Strategy

  • Campaign Messaging

  • Campaign Identity

  • Creative Collaterals

Hemophilia Case Study: Text

The Campaign Strategy

We worked closely with the Takeda marketing and medical teams to develop their campaign messaging platform. In addition, we named the new campaign, United Against Hemophilia, and designed its logo identity as part of the comprehensive campaign strategy.

Hemophilia Case Study: Text
Hemophilia Case Study: Image

Campaign roll out

The United for Hemophilia campaign was promoted to HCPs, policy makers, patient support bodies and the general public to enhance brand awareness. We developed campaign detailers, awareness videos, posters, a patient guide booklet, games and tattoos for kids when they come for treatment, and several literatures on importance of prophylaxis.

Hemophilia Case Study: Text
Hemophilia Case Study: Pro Gallery

The Result

HCPs now have a new found respect for Takeda and they have been slowly, but surely, making changes in their Hemophilia treatment ideology. More than 20% of them have adopted prophylaxis as a means to improve Quality of Life.

Hemophilia Case Study: Text
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