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Tasigna Case Study: Image

Strengthening brand leadership


Novartis, the leader in targeted therapy for the treatment of CML, had launched Tasigna a new molecule more efficacious than their gold standard drug Glivec. Novartis was looking to strengthen their leadership position by making Tasigna the drug of choice with the promise of Treatment Free Remission, a possibility that was previously unthinkable.

What we did:

  • Campaign Strategy

  • Campaign Messaging

  • Campaign Identity

  • Creative Collaterals

Tasigna Case Study: Text

The Campaign Strategy

We worked closely with the Novartis marketing and medical teams to understand the core of the brand. Then we dug deeper by interacting with CML patients to understand their perspective. The final brand insight emerged not from the powerful clinical studies, but from simple patient stories about what being treatment free meant to them. For normal people, freedom may mean flying, diving, etc., but for CML patients even simple situations that a normal person takes for granted gave them the sense of freedom.

Tasigna Case Study: Text
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Tasigna Case Study: Image

Campaign roll out

The Make Freedom Possible campaign was promoted to HCPs, patient support bodies and the general public to enhance brand awareness. 

We developed campaign detailers, VR videos to establish superior efficacy of the brand and help clinicians experience the feeling of freedom, and several literatures.

Tasigna Case Study: Text
Tasigna Case Study: Pro Gallery
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