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Learning on the go

Create effective and engaging learning experiences with our versatile, user friendly micro-learning platform.

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The Pebbles Advantage

Hassle-free setup

All you have to do is onboard your employees, identify their learning objectives, give us the content. Voila! your learning campaign is ready to roll.

Thematic Learning Journey

Create time-bound learning experiences tailor- made to your learning objectives; be it improving soft skills, understanding hard scientific concepts, retaining volatile clinical trial results, handling customer objections, remembering key brand messages, or knowing compliance policies.

Gamified Assessments

Quick assessments and ready dashboards ensure the learners know where they stand vis-a-vis their peers. And most importantly, help them measure their improvement over time. Gamification elements like badges and leaderboard keep them motivated.

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Unique Features


Content formats


Assessment types


Game combinations


Levels of difficulty


Point composite scoring


Days to go live

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