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Visanne Case Study: Image

Omnichannel approach to penetrate the market.


Bayer a worldwide leader in endometriosis wanted to launch its global brand, Visanne, in India. However, Visanne was a late entrant in the local market already flooded with several lower-priced brands. The business goal was to launch the brand and gain a leadership position as quickly as possible.

What we did:

  • Campaign Strategy

  • Campaign Messaging

  • Campaign Identity

  • Creative Collaterals

Visanne Case Study: Text

The Campaign Strategy

After working closely with the Bayer marketing and medical teams to understand the core of the brand, we zeroed in on a strategy to initiate conversations on painful periods and endometriosis and to challenge the belief that period pain is something that women have to live with. The campaign was cleverly called Bare Your Pain.

Visanne Case Study: Text
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Visanne Case Study: Image

Campaign roll out

We used an Omnichannel approach including doctor engagement through videos, celebrity engagement, webinars with an international KOL, and a strong social media presence together with powerful in-clinic messaging to differentiate the brand as a leader. The omnichannel campaign based on a deep-rooted patient insight helped establish Visanne as a voice of reason in endometriosis treatment, and the brand soon emerged as a winner.

Visanne Case Study: Text
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